Goodbye 2012 , Hello 2013

The year started out with a concert that my cousin Tim and his wife,
Kris, were able to attend with Ronnie , I and several friends that
live out of state. I really enjoy Tim’s company. He is hilarious and
we had a really great time.

Even though we only live a few hours away, from each other
that was the only get together we had during 2012. The concert was
held at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom and probably one of the best I
ever attended at that venue.

When thinking back on 2012, one of my favorite memories is my sister,
Sherri, visiting with our family in August. Lance had purchased a pool
for me for my Birthday, which was August 2, 2012. Sherri and I each day
would just float in the pool and chat. As always when you are enjoying
the company of a loved one time went by way to fast and Sherri had to
return to Illinois. However, the quality time we spent together was

I miss my sister and wish we lived closer to one another.While Sherri
visited we had several BBQ’s and she was able to meet many of my
friends, family and former co-workers as well as clients..

Sherri arrived a couple weeks after my decision to leave the
company I had worked for, West Coast Event Productions. This was
probably the best decision I had made in all of 2012. I was drained
from the daily operations as well as upper management and could no
longer be apart of the going on’s within the company. I felt that
my soul was being destroyed and life was being sucked right out
of me on a daily basis. When I completed my largest event in Seattle,
July 15, 2012, I knew when leaving that event and driving back to
Oregon I was done. Sixteen days later I sent them my letter of resignation and
left in 3 days .

I had contemplated participating again in 2013 and managing my Seattle
event. I had the event for 9 years and a very close relationship
with my clients. But on December 12, 2012 I emailed my client and let
them know that I had made the decision to decline the opportunity and
asked them to go ahead and use my former company. I will miss the
event as well as many of my former client accounts. I have no idea
where or what direction 2013 may lead me. What I do know is that
Ronnie and I are going to move.

My summer was filled with wonderful BBQ’s with family and friends. It
was so nice to actually have a summer that I could enjoy for the first
time in 16 years without having to work 70 + hours a week that went
unappreciated. I realized that my very lucrative salary was not worth
my health or time away from friends and family members.

This past summer we had wonderful weather and it was perfect. Ronnie was
actually pretty excited not to have a stressed out wife that was
getting calls all hours of the day and night with problems occurring
weekly that I had to trouble shoot for my events.
Ronnie and Lance both were very happy that
I actually started cooking meals again , boy, do I love the Pioneer
Woman’s website. She has amazing recipes.

I am also very grateful for rekindling relationships with Bari, my
Aunts in Illinois , my cousins, and friends that I rarely had
time to spend with and chat. Also, I feel my connection with
God every day is increasing.

On the down side of 2012 we lost our beloved Simba March 19, 2012, and
then Nalla, his mate, on December 23, 2012.

I am excited to ring in the New Year with friends on vacation and looking
forward to all the promise that 2013 holds. Continuing to strengthen my
my relationship with my daughter Ali and grandson Anthony is a priority.
Lance , Ronnie and I this week also agreed that we need more family time
then we have had in the past year.

Completing my book is my daily focus and healing from the pain of years of abuse.
Writing a book is very time consuming , but also relaxing in the comfort of my home.

I wish all my friends and family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I hope God blesses all of you as he
continues to bless me and my loved ones.

mistakes guide us

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2 Responses to Goodbye 2012 , Hello 2013

  1. tonyapaveza says:

    Have a wonderful vacation and an even better New Year!

  2. Thank you cousin !! Happy New year to you and all your family.

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