The Sperm Donor Calls From Prison

Mr. Sperm Donor called me from prison on Monday. He is currently serving a 10 year term  for (3) counts of robbery 2 , (1) count of attempted robbery and a parole violation. Sperm Donor will be released at the earliest May of 2015.

Sperm Donor and I have spoken a few times in the past several months. I initially reached out to him and wrote a letter letting him know my intentions with a blog and book. He was very supportive and encouraged me to do so. I specifically informed him that he would be referenced in my writings. Sperm Donor was fine with me telling my story as long as it was factual.

Sperm Donor has not been apart of his son’s life because he has been in prison all but 6 months since 1989. In 1989 his charges were a couple counts of robbery , kidnapping , sodomy and ex convict in possession of a firearm. Those charges imprisoned him for 14 1/2 years.

On Monday when Sperm Donor called he was angry with me because he feels I am being unjust in my blog post titled Keyshia Cole:Family First ? The issue he now has with me is I  am making him out to look like a bad guy !!  Really a bad guy ? What the hell does he think he is a good guy? The post was honest and I felt for all his transgressions very positive.

Sperm Donor proceeds to inform me that members of his family are offended. Alice his mother was upset because I made her son look bad in print. Alonzo his brother that was just released from prison in California is upset also. I actually know Alonzo is upset because I have 3 very threatening messages he left me on my cell phone.Which was about a month ago in the middle of the night. Should I choose to,  these messages could be forwarded to the Parole Board in California and Alonzo would at the very least have a parole violation.

Mr. Sperm Donor proceeds to inform me that he is a good guy now and that the past is the past! And furthermore he is a reformed robber , WHAT ?? I replied ” you are in prison”,  “you are a robber your release date is not until mid 2015 at the earliest”

I swear this conversation was one of the stupidest I can remember in recent years. He told me no, he is reformed and no longer a robber. Again I said ” you are in prison” Sperm Donor said ” I can rob people here if I wanted to” Wow , well my feeling is that when he gets out of prison maybe go a few years of not robbing people with guns to their heads. Then possibly you could be considered a reformed robber.

Sperm donor wanted me to contact Lance my son, and have Lance write a letter to Sperm Donor in prison so they could start communication. Many times over the years Sperm Donor has sent letters and pictures and Lance rejects them.

Now there is even more reason for Lance to have hate for Sperm Donor because Lance was a victim of 2 robbery’s at the bank where Lance is employed. Sperm Donor does not get through his head that Lance is now Ronnie’s son and has been since Lance was a little guy. Lance does not know or ever spoke to Sperm Donor.

The conversation was getting nowhere other than to raise my blood pressure. Consequently I lashed out in a mild sort of rage. Not quite as aggressive as it could have escalated to since I am in my early days of being a non-smoker.

The opportunity now presented its ugly self for me to go down the list of what Sperm Donor could of potentially become if he would have made the choice to be a responsible adult and father instead of a ” crack head”

Now I am engaged in medium rage. I could care less what Sperm Donors family thinks about my blog.  Sperm Donor told me that”I must not be feeling God’s love today” because I seemed very angry and I usually don’t treat him that way.

I think drugs really do stop a person’s growth mentally, because the conversation we were engaged in was just short of being a cartoon or comedy gone bad.

Sperm Donor is in prison for at least an additional 2 years and 3 months. He however felt I should inform everyone on my blog that he is reformed so there ya go. Message delivered!

My wish for Sperm Donor is that, he never will put a gun to another convenience store employee and traumatize that person for life like he has his previous victims.

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14 Responses to The Sperm Donor Calls From Prison

  1. this is funny in a warped sort of way! i love that you haven’t allowed them to bully you into stopping your blogging, and i love how you addressed his “issue!” this is brilliant! keep going!

  2. It actually was a funny conversation in a warped way. My husband was coming in the door from work at the end of the conversation and said he could here me behind the closed door. My husband also laughed. The message I tried to relay to Sperm Donor is this is my story not yours! Its not about him its about me and my life!

  3. Sheila Schlicht says:

    Good Job!!! Tell it like it is!!!

  4. Lori Lara says:

    Your life is a gift from God and you have the right to tell whatever parts you want to! Secrets breed sickness, and tyrants have no power unless we give it to them. I love your resolve. You’re very inspiring to me. I’m Cheering you on.

  5. I can feel the cheers !! Starting to gain momentum and feeling stronger. I just wish I was able to repair the part of my brain that was injured so I could develop and improve my writing skills. I am reading and trying to work on this issue as I refuse to give up !!

  6. Melanie says:

    Don’t forget that the ones who are most worried about you telling the truth are the ones still living a lie. I agree that Sperm Donor ca’t be a “reformed robber” until he’s out of prison and lives without robbing. Sure, he could rob people in prison, but that is likely to get him killed, so it’s not reform it’s smart. Has he learned his lesson? Maybe, but there’s really no way to tell until he’s out and proving it.

    • I agree Melanie the conversation was ridiculous. Sperm Donor said my blog post seemed to reflect that he was committing the crimes I mentioned while in prison. he said those crimes were long ago. Really well those were the crimes that put you in prison and that is why you are there. One day when and if he is released is the true test. Reformed robber is just crazy. He took some classes while incarcerated and now feels reformed. I call BS.

  7. It amazes me how the most pathetic of people are worried about how they are portrayed! My opinion, for what it’s worth: if you don’t like being portrayed in a certain way, then don’t act in that way.

    Your blog is exactly that, YOUR BLOG! Good job! Your version of events is the way you see things. If him and his family don’t like it, don’t read it.

  8. I laughed at how you informed your readers that sperm donor is now reformed! Well done! But if my instincts are correct, his reply might be something like, “that wasnt how I said you had to inform your readers on your blog that i am now a reformed robber!!!” I could be wrong, and I’ll apologise if I am.

    • genext13 says:

      I agree with Melanie. It is real easy to say you are reformed when there is no real temptation and you ar enot exposed to the same factors/people that got you there in the first place. A man can say he will be faithful to his wife no matter what, but if he is never tempted, he will never know for sure. You stay the course. Second star on the right and straight on ’til morning.

    • Nope you are right but he asked me to deliver the message. I pondered his request for awhile and then thought what the heck , this is a blog post. He did try and call a couple days ago and I did not answer. A family member of his has surely sent a copy of this post to him by now :).

    • Haha so funny .. Thanks for making me laugh

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