Were You Crying When You Were Stabbing Him?

The prosecutor , Juan Martinez in the Jodi Arias’ trial went for the Hail Mary like it was fourth down in a Superbowl game. “Were you crying when you were stabbing him” Martinez asked Jodi. That question was asked and stopped me dead in my tracks while listening to the trial on TV.

I  sat down on the edge of my bed in front of the TV . Once again I was captivated and what I thought was only a few minutes, turned out to be a few hours.

I wanted to answer that question ” No she wasn’t crying, she is a cold blooded killer”. Yes this was premeditated murder and not a crime of passion. My situation was a crime of passion when I was attacked and stabbed. Travis Alexander was killed by a jealous woman who wanted him dead. Jodi calculated his murder because he had publicly announced that he was taking another woman on trip to Mexico.Travis’s planned trip with another woman is what set Jodi off the deep end and transformed her from a jealous stalker to a murderer.

During 15 days that Jodi has been on the witness stand her memory seems to always fail her when asked about the day she killed Travis. However Jodi’s memory miraculously and conveniently returns when asked about miniscule details such as what drink she ordered at Starbucks 4 years ago. Or how many gallons of fuel she put in her gas tank. Really bitch ? Are we supposed to buy this story?

I was only stabbed 21 times , Travis was stabbed 29 times by the same type of knife as I  and he was shot twice by Jodi. The question of how Travis felt during this attack has been asked on multiple occasions. I have heard the question asked on HLN news, talk shows and other local news programs.

Well I can only speculate, and most do not live to tell about an attack of this magnitude. I am one of the few in the country that have lived to tell the story . Such as myself, Travis most likely felt the first two or three stab wounds. The body then goes into shock to protect itself from the pain and from there you really don’t feel anything. I am not Travis, but I have spoken to a few survivors who experienced multiple stab wounds and the consensus was that we all had the same experience.

Unlike poor Travis I am alive,and at times wish I hadn’t survived. The recovery process from the emotional devastation and PTSD is extremely traumatic. But obviously God has a plan for me and I am still here, waiting to find out what that plan is.

I have heard that there will be a Domestic Violence expert testifying in behalf of Jodi Arias’. I am appalled. Jodi was not a battered woman, at least not by Travis Jodi is lying ! Jodi’s testimony is void of emotion and passion. Jodi’s eyes are dead and her words hollow.

I do not believe Jodi is or was a battered woman because, Jodi would not be unable to fake the anguish that us as real victims and survivors of domestic violence live with all our lives. Even after the abuse has stopped for years. This is an extreme offense to real battered women past , present and in the future.

But her attorney is going for the Hail Mary. Who ever this person is that will be testifying in behalf of Jodi and her claim of battered woman’s syndrome, needs to be fired from her position. She will get on that stand and make a mockery of all of us that have truly suffered. My hope is that this person will be flooded with mail against the stand she is taking in supporting Jodi’s claim.

What ever the outcome of this trial , there is still a long battle against ending domestic violence in our world. Please remember Travis and his family, pray that healing for them and closure will happen sooner than later.

I feel very confident Jodi was not crying while butchering Travis.can you

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2 Responses to Were You Crying When You Were Stabbing Him?

  1. i’m not aware of the story but have an idea of it reading your post. it just should never happen to anyone. i’m very saddened that it happened to you. was there any justice for you?

  2. For me yes somewhat. I am still owed over a million dollars that the court awarded me. I am sure I will never see a dime. My attacker served only 4 years in prison and left the country. Should he ever enter the US and is caught he will be imprisoned again for not reporting for parole and leaving the country. This trial has hit close to home for me.

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