It’s Time

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. I have been down sick for the last 4 days. Poor Ronnie is catching the crud now too and my nephew.

I will catch up on emails , texts , and blog messages soon.

But before any of the above mentioned , its time for some OCD cleaning !! Image

Also my niece Amanda is a fabulous cook and I am so happy to have her , my nephew and great nephews with us. They have brought happiness back into our home.

If you would like a password for private posts, email me at

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9 Responses to It’s Time

  1. Rick & Jeremy says:

    We hope you both get to feeling better soon…oxoxox Rick/Jeremy

  2. Rick , you of all people know how I get with the cleaning LOL … Getting better. See ya in a couple days love to you both.

  3. Feel free to burn some of that OCD energy cleaning my place 😉

  4. Susan Sigmund says:

    Take care…thinking of you

  5. Thanks Aunt Sue , we will catch up real soon. Lots to share and hope you are well.

  6. Around here, and we live in Australia, the colds are going around. And it’s the end of summer. Not the usual time for this to be going around. Take care and have some chicken soup, water, and plenty of tissues.

  7. Lori Lara says:

    Feel better soon…

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