Conclusion Of Homeless In San Francisco

I woke up in my recliner with the vacuum attachments on my side. It was early morning and sperm donor had not returned. I made some tea and sat by the phone contemplating calling my Great Aunt, but I could not get up the strength to talk with her. I knew she was going to be angry and very ashamed of me. I slouched over my small round table and started to cry. I had no idea of who to turn to. While I sat there trying to decide what to do and who to confide in, I heard the door knob move. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner attachment. Sperm donor was slowly opening the door. I stood off to the side, my heart racing with fear. Quietly he opened and closed the door and locked the deadbolt. Sperm donor had no idea I was home from the hospital. It was somewhat dark in my apartment and he walked right past me and I clobbered him right in the head and back with that metal vacuum attachment.

Sperm donor fell to the floor and I hit him another four or five times before he out muscled me and threw me into the wall. He was sweating his eyes were huge, his hair a mess and he stunk like garbage. He screamed at me and asked why I wasn’t at the hospital. I ran at him and attacked him knocking him off his feet onto the floor. We wrestled, I scratched him with my nails and beat him in the head. Finally from exhaustion I stopped and told him to get out of my apartment or I was calling the police. He was so high on of cocaine that he said, “Why are you calling the police?” I said, “Because you stole my keys at the hospital and then came in my apartment and stole my property.” He said, “What keys?” I said, “The ones you just opened the door with.” He looked confused.

I told him to get out or I would start screaming and I grabbed the keys. He said, “Where is the baby?” I screamed at him and told him Social Services has the baby. I then lied and said they are on their way to my apartment right now to take a report about what was going on. So if he wanted to avoid them he better leave. He left and I did not see him for over a month.

I stayed at my apartment for another few days until I had to leave. The few friends I had did not want me staying with them out of fear that sperm donor would show up. I contacted a crisis center in hopes of staying in a shelter. The shelters were full, but I was able to get on the list for an opening. In the meantime I had enough money to afford a sleazy hotel in downtown for about a week. I called my Great Aunt and told her what happened and she asked me to never call her again.

Eventually, I was able to get into a battered woman’s shelter. My counselor at the shelter helped me with Social Services and guided me in the court process to re-gain custody of my son. The court granted me supervised visits at the Social Services office. I was able to see my son Anthony once a week for an hour visit. He was placed in a foster home with a wonderful lady named Lea Martin. Each week Lea would bring Anthony to the Social Services office for his visit with me. About 6 months later, I was at the bus stop outside the Social Services office and Lea saw me and pulled up next to me in her car. Lea gave me her phone number and address and told me to call her if I ever wanted to come to her house and visit her and Anthony. Lea was not supposed to give me her contact info and by doing so she could of lost her license to foster.

At least twice a week I went to Lea’s to visit Anthony and several times I spent the night. For the 14 months that Anthony was in foster care, sperm donor only came to visit Anthony once. Eventually, sperm donor fled the state only to be arrested and sentenced to prison. I finished all the programs that the state required of me to re-gain custody of my son. I was also given an extension at the shelter and was able to live there for 6 months.

When my time limit was up at the shelter, the few friends I met at the shelter let me stay with them for a few weeks at a time. I also stayed at Lea’s house for almost 2 month’s without the state being aware. Lea felt bad for me and did not want me to live on the streets.

The state of California would only allow Anthony to return to me if I had a stable home and employment. I  left the state secured an apartment and employment. After two months and a home inspection with a case worker in my new state, I was granted custody. Anthony was returned to me. The state paid for Lea to fly Anthony to me. Lea spent two days with us and that was the last time I saw her. Occasionally, Lea would call to check on Anthony and me.

Unfortunately my Aunt and I never made amends and she passed away in the fall of 1986. Sperm donor served his nine months in prison and it wouldn’t be long before he showed up at my door again.John Muir Apts. Lakewood

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6 Responses to Conclusion Of Homeless In San Francisco

  1. Sheila Schlicht says:

    I am proud to know you!!!

  2. Thanks Sheila…. I don’t think my kids realize what can of worms they were opening up when they decided to get so evil and hateful. Proud to know you too. Hope all is well !

  3. Oh man I was so relieved when you said that sperm donor was in jail, I’m also so glad you were able to boot him out and recover your keys!! But damn he’s out again? 😦 😦 Glad you got your son back too, I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you to not have him. xo

  4. Zoe, he was in my life but not anymore. He is the one that caused so much trouble over the years. And also the one that said he wanted me killed and text my son Lance that he found someone to kill me for $500.00. I have a no contact order against him now with the Police. Sperm donor will enter my life again , will be writing about that in a couple weeks. XO

  5. I don’t like sperm donor at all.

  6. I don’t either Scott. You have no idea how much I wish I could go back to 1983 and never of met him. There is nothing good about him. I also am not the only person he took advantage of with his dirty con games there are several more after me and one before. I was to naive then and just plain stupid.

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