In Memory of My Friend Sharon

Re-blogging this post from October. My friend Sharon was killed by her ex-husband.

I Survived a Murder Attack -- My Family Didn't

On Friday, September 29, 2000, I lost one of my closest friends, Sharon, to domestic violence. Today, I am remembering her and her beautiful smile.

Sharon was in an abusive relationship. When the townhouse next to Ronnie and I came available for rent, I told her about it. Finally feeling like she had options and with somewhere to go, Sharon decided to leave her husband, Art. She moved into the townhouse with her two children, a son and a daughter who were close friends with our two sons.

Our homes shared a common wall. Not only was I happy to have my friend close to me, I also felt that with her right next door, we could protect her.

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4 Responses to In Memory of My Friend Sharon

  1. Laura says:

    I found this in response to the Ray Rice discussion going on and I cried the whole time I was reading it. My sister’s ex-husband is serving life in prison for killing her best friend and attempting to kill her. The worst part of her case is that not only did she lose her best friend that night, but it is that exact loss that guarantees her safety from him in the future. I am so sorry that you lost your friend, and I greatly appreciate you sharing your story.

    • Thank you for finding my blog and taking the time to comment. Your story is so horrible, is your sister ok, I am glad the SOB got life in prison !!

      • Laura says:

        My sister is doing fairly well. She is now in a committed relationship with a guy who helps her return to normal when the nightmares or PTSD hit. She also used her experience to propel her into a job helping others who have gone through things like she has. I am continually awed by her ability to not just survive what happened to her, but also to grow from it.

      • Laura, that is wonderful !! Give her my best.

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