When I Googled You

Yesterday afternoon I received a call that on my cell phone only showed up as California on the ID. I generally do not answer the phone unless I know who the caller is. I was however expecting a call from someone in California so I answered it.

The caller said, “Hi this is Ellie.” It took me a couple seconds to register the name, it was a former client of mine from 8 years ago when I was working in the event industry with a company called Key Event Services. I was pleasantly surprised as Ellie was one of my favorite and most gracious of clients.

During my 16 year career in the event industry I always had two cell phones, one was my personal cell phone and the other was the cell phone my company provided me with. All my clients had my personal number which has remained the same phone number for almost 15 years.

Ellie and I chatted and caught up on each others families and where we had traveled for about 15 minutes. Then Ellie asked me, “Where are you now working?” I responded “I am not, last August I left the company I was working for.” Ellie then told me her son was getting married and her hope was that I would assist her in the planning and obtaining of vendors. Ellie’s vision was to have a wedding weekend that would include a golf tournament, rehearsal dinner, wedding and then a reception for approx 350 people on the Oregon coast. Ellie and her husband have several homes in a gated community on the Oregon coast.

Ellie began to reminisce about the wedding I had helped her with years ago and how much she appreciated my assistance and the help from my husband during the last minute wedding set-up changes. Ellie told me that during all the family gatherings in the last 8 years the wedding I helped her with was still in their topic of conversation.

Ellie’s kind words warmed my heart and uplifted my spirits. Yesterday I was in a pretty dark place. However while Ellie was talking I kept thinking about my blog. I was silently wondering if Ellie read my blog if she would feel the same about me. Would Ellie still want me to help her after reading my blog? Would my schedule permit me to make a commitment to Ellie? All these questions were swirling around in my mind. At the same time I was feeling the excitement of being apart of yet another event that was sure to be spectacular.

Ellie was just chattering away about all the thoughts and ideas she had for the wedding and golf tournament. Ellie’s son and future daughter-in-law gave Ellie their blessing to make all decisions regarding their special day. Ellie’s taste in all things wedding are impeccable. I would let her handle everything as well,  if I was on the receiving end of an event or party in my honor.

After over an hour of chatting I decided it was time to share my blog with Ellie and another situation in my life’s list of challenges that may be a deal buster. I blurted out “Ellie I have a blog and website I would like for you to read.” Ellie’s response was,”Oh how exciting, I have always wanted to start a blog.” I asked Ellie to write down the website address. I needed to wrap the conversation up. My husband had called several times while I was talking with Ellie and I needed to return his call. In closing our conversation I asked Ellie to read my blog and if she had time to call me the following afternoon. She said happily she would and asked me if she could email me her inspirational ideas for “all things wedding” I obliged and we ended the conversation.

I had no expectations of ever hearing from Ellie today. My blog was sure to paint a picture of a person she would never choose to speak with again. So when Ellie called me today my heart raced while I looked at the number on the caller ID. Heck with it, I answered the phone. Again was Ellie’s cheerful, I have not a care in the world voice. Ellie told me she had misplaced the paper that she wrote my blog address down in her piles of all things wedding. So she googled my name and found it. Then came the questions and statements. “Becki I am so sorry, shame on your mother but even more so, shame on your children.” “Can I do anything to help you, what do you need?” Ellie is Italian so the next question was. “Do you want to meet and talk over a glass of wine?” She told me she read every single post on my blog and cried through most of them. Ellie told me that she wanted to call me last night but it was almost midnight when she finished my blog.

I then started to cry not from sadness but from the warmth and compassion I genuinely felt in each word Ellie spoke. We both cried, she told me that she had no idea how I was able to handle the work load I had for so many years with professionalism and grace. (most do not use the word grace when describing me) She asked me how was I able to preform as I did. I explained to Ellie that I really did not know anything different in life but chaos and it was the norm for my entire life.

Again our conversation was long, but different. Ellie now knew the real Becki with every sordid detail and amazingly she told me how much more deeply she cared for me.

It’s really difficult on this new journey that I was forced into by my offspring , but for some insane reason I have to thank them. I have to thank because of the heart to heart conversations I have had with several just like Ellie.

So Mandi , Anthony and Ali thank you, and that is a genuine thank you. And to Lance I love you more then life itself and you are forever in my heart of hearts. XXXOOO

As for Ellie it looks like we are planning a huge extravaganza once again together.

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13 Responses to When I Googled You

  1. Oh my gosh Becki I’m crying, I’m so so happy for you!! What a wonderful gift and friend!

  2. Susan says:

    Becki I know there is a higher power at work here !! Love your friend for being your friend. Aunt Sue

  3. Melanie says:

    You are an inspiration, my dear friend. I am so happy for you. It had to be hard to share yourself with Ellie, just as it is to share yourself with us. I’m glad it worked out so well for you this time.

  4. Melanie , it was very difficult and after our first conversation my first thought was why did I do that. Thank you for your friendship and the kind words.

  5. It’s so wonderful when someone can be that accepting and understanding. Not all can be.

  6. Tears of happiness and faith there are still kindness and REAL in the world – I absolutely love hearing it still exists. Congratulations Becki! Regarding grace, I think you are under estimating your self, I am sure your LOADED with it! 😊

  7. That’s awesome. I have never shared my blog with somebody that actually knows me. Maybe someday I will get there!

  8. All my readers , friends and family members know about my blog. I think that is what is truly freeing the chains. You will know when the time is right if you choose to become known. If not that’s ok too. That day was a very special day to be accepted for who I am and what I am overcoming.

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