The Narcissist Strikes Back

It didn’t take long for the narcissist to strike and he did so through his sister-in-law Krista. Miss Krista confronted me in an email about that I was not telling the truth in my post about the artwork and the narcissist.

She claims that there never was a miscarriage and I am lying. The miscarriage story in my post is true, not only was it told to me but also to my husband directly from the mouth of the narcissist’s wife.

She also claims that I was arrested ,charged and knowingly committed identity theft in 2004. This is absolutely false. I have never been charged or arrested for identity theft. This is pretty easy to confirm if it is of interest to anyone. I assure you its a flat out lie.

The sister-in-law also claims that I lied to neighbors and told them I have a restraining order against the narcissist . Again for the record I do not have a restraining order against the narcissist. I have never declared to a neighbor that I do. What we do have is a no contact against the narcissist. On two occasions the narcissist has been told by Washington County Sheriffs office that he is not to contact me or my husband via phone, email or in person. If he does so he will be arrested.

The sister-in-law also states that I lied and said I was 50 years old when indeed I was 51, this is true if anyone cares.

Then the sister-in-law wants me to reveal my relationship to a young lady named Abby. First this is my blog not anyone else’s. I will be writing about Abby and my readers will be introduced.

This blog is about the truth and only the truth. I have never tried to portray myself as the mother of the year, or a perfect citizen in this blog. I am also not wanting anyone to say, “Poor Becki had a rough life.” I have a wonderful husband and for the last twenty one years my life has been blessed. For years the children I birthed have attempted to make Ronnie and my life miserable. In some ways they succeeded and it’s only Ronnie that I feel sorry for, not myself.


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8 Responses to The Narcissist Strikes Back

  1. Sheila Schlicht says:


  2. It makes me feel blessed with the life I have whenever I read about you and/or Zoe.

  3. NA says:

    I have never in my life read something like your blog. Why did you keep having kids to give them away and screw them up? Did you ever wonder where this one gets his narcissism from??????? IT’S YOU!

    • Thank you for your opinion from the San Diego area, two of the children that I placed for adoption are also siblings to my son. They all have the same father. Before you jump to judgement, their father stole from me, beat me and followed me across the country. He also raped me. I did not believe in aborting a child. They were placed for adoption. No I am not a narcissist, but their father is.To this day their father has never held a job or paid any type of support. He is 50 years old. I did the best I could with the means I had. You may have your opinion and its also your choice to read my blog. If you don’t like it don’t read.

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