Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones……

We all know the saying…. Yesterday, I received verbal attacks from the woman that birthed me and my step-father’s son Marc Meier. He sent over 10 messages to my blog and his words were filled with hate and anger. He called me “duckcrap” and “duckshit”. Marc is 46 years old.

Marc also accused me of being a pathological liar. That accusation has validity to it. For many years I did lie about my life, and I have explained that in my blog. Marc’s mother is the woman that taught me to lie. When she beat me she said, “you better not tell anyone, or I will beat you worse.” Growing up she groomed me to never tell anyone anything that was true. I chose to make up a different world than the one I lived because it was painful and  embarrassing. If I was to tell the truth then I would have to deal with the reality of the pain I suffered.

“You better not breath a word,” is what I heard daily. Not once in awhile, but every day. My mother would always create a story or lie that I was to tell if asked in even the simplest of situations.

Marc also accused me of being in prison, having armed robbery charges, drug tampering charges, and a claim that I am a drug addict. Marc also said my husband Ronnie was in prison. Marc said he ran a “wrap sheet,” I am sure he meant “rap sheet.” For the last time, neither I nor my husband have ever served a day in prison, neither of us ever have been accused or arrested of an armed robbery or drug tampering, whatever that means. Have I been to jail before? Yes I have.

Marc also said my daughter Mandi had a restraining order against me…LIE, LIE, LIE!! Mandi attempted to gain a restraining order but Washington County Court DENIED her. I was granted the restraining order against her.

Marc accused me of theft charges and bankruptcy, and those claims are true. Mandi and Ali both have also filed bankruptcy. Marc accused me of having a DWI, in Oregon it’s called a DUII, and, yes, I had one in 1992. I blew a .09, and indeed was charged with a DUII.

Another accusation Marc made was that I play victim. I am trying to get sympathy from my readers is what he claims. Not true. I hate the label victim. Was I victimized ? Yes I was, at the hands of his violent, evil mother.

Marc failed to mention that his mother was proved an unfit mother by the court in Kendall County Illinois. The court proved her unfit and awarded full custody to my father,after an extensive investigation. Back in the 1970’s you had to be very abusive to have your child taken away. It very rarely was talked about and very few cases made it to court. My mother and step-father fought the court to retain custody, only because they did not want the embarrassment of having to answer to why I no longer lived with them. They didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer because they loved me and wanted me in their home. They didn’t want to answer to family and friends to why I no longer lived there. And that is the only reason they fought my father for custody. The court had custody of me until my father won the battle.

After the final court hearing and my father was awarded custody, we all walked out of the court room. My mother’s mother was with my father and I. We entered the foyer from the court room and my step-father spouted off something to my father from across the court house hallway. My father punched my step-father right in the mouth and they got into a fight right in the courthouse. The end result is that both my father and step-father were arrested. My step-father didn’t have the $50.00 cash to bail himself out and my dad paid his bail. Their fight made the nightly news. Marc probably doesn’t know that little tidbit; he was only 10 years old. My dad finally put my step-dad in his place for not protecting me.

I am not surprised that Marc is such an angry man. His father became an angry, bitter person. Countless family members and people in the community have told me what an angry person Eugene Meier was. So much so that his own mother cut him out of her will.

I am going to remember Marc as the cute little blond haired boy that was soft spoken and  would beg me to play checkers with him. Not the person he is today that is filled with hate and anger.

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10 Responses to Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones……

  1. AR Neal says:

    “The truth shall set you free,” dear one!

  2. Sheila Schlicht says:

    You have “True Grit” Becki …..I know what you speak of about the 70’s and abuse!

  3. I know you know. Not until the 1980’s did child abuse survivors start telling their stories. It was hush hush.

  4. It just sucks what abuse does to people not to mention sweeping it under the rug too boot. 😦

  5. It still is for the most part swept under the rug. I know if I would of stayed in my mothers house one of us would of ended up dead. She told me over and over that she was going to kill me when she was in one of her violent rages.

  6. 46 is a little old to be hanging onto so much anger. I hope he can find some peace within himself.

  7. I was an easy target for him. He does not need to add additional false statements to what was already a colorful past.

  8. I am sorry, Becki. I am sorry for what you had to go through and for the poor excuse of a man (and woman) who didn’t take care of you.

  9. What makes you stronger right?

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