Everything Will Be Better With These!

Today I went to the doctor to have some of my sutures removed. My thought was that the doctor would only remove the stitches from my hand. The company Ronnie works for has changed insurance and we are no longer with the primary care provider we have had for almost 15 years. We are now with Kaiser. I have had very negative feelings about Kaiser.

My experience today with Kaiser was wonderful. The physician’s assistant removed all the sutures.The sutures in the large wounds above and below my knee were replaced with steri-strips. The large wound under my knee was infected and the PA had to drain the wound after she removed the sutures. That part was not so wonderful and HURT. She told me I am going to have some large scars, but what the heck, they will just join the dozens of other scars from when I was stabbed. The vitamin E oil I purchased will help diminish some of the scarring. 

While I was in the office, the doctor noticed my cough — kinda hard not to notice as I sound like raptor with bronchitis. The doctor said I have pneumonia. I then questioned the doctor because I had a pneumonia shot. I was under the impression that the pneumonia shot lasts for a lifetime. That is what I was told about 11 years ago when I had the injection.

Well, I was not given the correct information years ago, and I have pneumonia. No wonder I have felt like crap, tired and ever so grumpy for the past few days. Pneumonia would not be that big of a deal except for I have major lung issues from the stabbing. Pneumonia for me can be deadly. So I leave the clinic and off to the hospital I go for chest x-rays…. I have had so many chest x-rays I am surprised I am not glowing by now.

I should know by 5:00pm today if I will be admitted to the hospital. Or if I can just take the  medicines and use the inhaler they gave me today and heal at home. I am running a fever, but they told me its only up a couple of degrees.

So my review of Kaiser is glowing. I love the fact that the pharmacy is in the clinic. All prescriptions cost only $15.00 each. Each co-pay is only $15.00 each as well. Also I only waited 10 minutes once I left the clinic and was at the hospital for chest x-ray. That’s amazing because the parking lot was full. Every person I dealt with was friendly and had a great personality.  They get an A+ from me. In the meantime, I wait for chest x-ray results. Everything will get better with the meds I was given today.


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17 Responses to Everything Will Be Better With These!

  1. Sheila Schlicht says:

    on the mend 🙂

  2. maria5125 says:

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon! Pneumonia is not something to take lightly.

  3. I’m glad you got great care, here’s hoping you’ll recover quickly now and at home!! xo

  4. AR Neal says:

    We are Kaiser babies too after moving to SoCal from NJ where nothing like it exists. I have my days where I like it, and then the other days where I want to poke anyone with a Kaiser badge/uniform on in the eye. Terrible, but true…

    • That’s funny , well today their eyes were safe from me. it was a very good experience. It is very hard to leave the primary care provider we have had for so many years. We became friends vs. just doc and patient.

      • AR Neal says:

        Yes, and we did that too with our first Kaiser pcp. She moved to Texas and we had to start all over with the new one they assigned us. She’s cool but some of the other service people are impossible to get to know.

        Wishing you a speedy and good recovery!

  5. Get well, take it easy, be smart, whatever else I can say to let you know I care and want you well.

    • Scott, thank you so much. I am better today and finally feeling a little pep to my step. I am staying home bound until after I see the doctor on Saturday, another bonus with Kaiser is they have appointments on Saturdays. I am itchin to get out !! I have not drove since I was hurt. Seeeeeeee.. I am being smart. Thank you for caring, after a little nap I am going to catch up on 2 weeks of blogs. I feel so disconnected. The medicine for pneumonia made me have double vision, but today I am seeing straight. 🙂

  6. Yikes, take care!! I have to agree, I don’t have Kaiser – but I think it’s with each facility. Some are great and some…. should not be mentioned. Just like every other medical facility. LOL! 😷

  7. Thank you !! I am keeping my fingers crossed for positive experiences with them. So far so good!

  8. Glad the experience of Kaiser is going well, sorry about the accident and hope you can do the pool soon.

    • I am so ready for the pool. it is supposed to be real warm here this weekend and my sutures are out and I am looking forward to relaxing in the sun and water. Thanks for stopping by!

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