Summer Update At The Duckworth’s

I have not blogged in weeks. I am just getting back in the saddle for real this time.

Our backyard is looking much better. I love the lights the canopy and the pagoda. Many thanks to Rick and Jeremy for all their hard work.

We have 3 wild baby bunnies that love to visit us every morning and evening and I provide a feast for them each day. Just wish they wouldn’t leave so many droppings behind, but they are adorable and great little gardeners.

I have had lots of quality time with friends that are dear to me, I so appreciate them coming to my home since I began to recluse a few weeks ago. I really do have the most fun loving, giving and hysterical friends. Blessed again !!

My hanging plants are still alive in the front yard. That is a miracle since I do not have a green thumb. It’s been touch and go but they are still blooming.

There is a stray cat that is hell bent on destroying my pool and being very “crappy” I believe the cayenne pepper and a trap with wet cat food is going to take care of this issue. When captured it’s going to take a very long ride to a new area in the woods to roam.. Good luck Mr. or Ms. Cat on your permanent vacation. I am sparing your life by not taking you to the humane society. Please note I love cats, mine have always been indoors and have not had the opportunity to destroy others property. This wild cat has done quite a bit of damage that is costing me way to much money.

It’s been a year since I left my career of 16 years. I’ve enjoyed my first full summer of not needing to work and bask in the sun every chance I can. I know its horrible for the skin, but I so love the nice glow I have retained naturally and the heck with the skin worries for now. We live in Oregon and having sun is a gift that can be rare.

My new therapist Carol is great. We meet once a week and my latest read she assigned is “The Feeling Good Handbook” written by Dr. David Burns. I just picked it up yesterday so far, love the title. Haha..

There have been a couple unfortunates however. Ronnie and I had planned a trip to visit family in Illinois that had to be cancelled at the 11th hour. Our plan was to drive cross country and Ronnie was not able to take off more then a week due to employees at work being fired and quitting. It turned out for the best and there is always a reason behind a set back. That reason presented itself very quickly. I do miss my Dad, sister and Ronnie’s family and was looking forward to seeing old friends from Plano and relatives on my step-fathers side of the family.

Also a very dear family friend of our’s is fighting for his life in Critical Intensive Care Unit at a near by hospital. His surgery was August 5th and he is still in CICU. Pray our friends suffering ends and he heals quickly. Ronnie and I love him and his family dearly and are looking forward to having him return back to his wonderful cheerful self.

I hit the mother load of sports memorabilia a few weeks back that we forgot we had stored in the garage. That has been interesting pricing on ebay , not sure who can afford it but what a find we had long forgot about. I may give some away to an auction.

My book is a book now !! Needs some edit and a title.

I dialed my mother’s phone number recently , she answered the phone .. I released anger including telling her I wish I could chop her head off… I know bad… very bad Becki.. She had no clue who I was .. I told her it’s me Becki she hung up. Then a wonderful Plano Police Officer Sgt. Allison called me and we had a very nice chat. He even read part of my blog. We agreed probably was not the smartest phone call for me to make, but hey its done.. that will be the worst she ever gets from me. My anger is released.

And probably most important…. I’ve had a huge significant emotional event in my life that brought me to my knees recently. Miracles have happened so many times in my life. I survived an abusive childhood, a stabbing and a rape all which should of killed me. I feel good and am now looking forward to how God and the universe are going to direct me. Stay tuned for that post it should be up tomorrow or Saturday.

My house is quiet, peaceful and in tact. That is so important and I feel so much love since my recent event. It is time to move and start our life.

In closing thanks to all my readers who continue to visit my blog that has not been updated in weeks.

Until next time………………

Not forgiving is like you drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

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7 Responses to Summer Update At The Duckworth’s

  1. This is Zoe we have a new blog up (Just so you know who I am) Glad you’re doing okay. xo

  2. Awesome Zoe, I am doing very well .. Thank you..

  3. The Hook says:

    I’m glad we found each other, Becki. My wife is going to have kittens when I tell her you worked on the Twilight films!

  4. Melanie says:

    I’m glad the summer has been (mostly) good to you. You’ve earned it.

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