Moving Day

Ok, so you have heard this before. Since 2004 Ronnie and I have tried to get the heck out of Dodge. Now we have a date and a plan.

In so many ways Oregon has been a blessing but at night it’s been a really really bad dream, nightmare. Thanks to a couple of my children that made life in Oregon miserable  hell.

There are great friends, that we consider family we will leave behind. The neighborhood we raised Lance in. The hundreds of summer BBQ’S on our patio into the wee hours of the night. The 4th of July parties, the doctor’s, dentist’s, salons, bankers and lawyers 🙂 we became so connected to. The memories that are engraved in our hearts forever. For all that were apart of our treasured memories we will miss you. 

The Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear employee store’s… WE will really miss those discounts. To my clients and friends  that continued to love and connect with me after my blog, I will really miss you. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate and love you and thank you.

To one of my employer’s that praised me , called me and supported me, thank you !  You were a jerk, maybe I was too but I learned a lot and thanks for such a high letter of recommendation. It was a great ride and we nailed every event.

Aloha Oregon has so many happy memories. To the friends and pets we lost RIP until we will meet again.

Our wish is for all to have peace, love and happiness.

I will not be posting a date that we will be departing for obvious reasons. Rest assured there will be one last party to celebrate all that we loved in Oregon and to our future..

if you live in Oregon and are interested in some very nice Italian furniture give me a call… We are condensing.

In the meantime, send us positive thoughts please for a new start that is blessed with love and peace.

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14 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Good luck with your impending move Becki. All the best for your wish of peace, love and happiness. I think it’s about time you have that.

  2. JackieP says:

    May light and love follow you and your husband on your moving forward.

  3. Lori Vahsholtz says:

    So in my mind I kept thinking “some day I’m gonna go see Becki and have lunch” like we mentioned quite awhile back. Now I read that and am sad I never made it a higher priority:( I am happy you are making a great move for you. Those that see you more often are really going to miss you! And even those of us that rarely get to see you will miss you too! Very happy for you guys!! Doing what is right for you two has to be a priority for sure!! Good vibes and many prayers are coming your way from me!!

    • Lori, we still have time for lunch. I was actually in Turner/Salem last week. I have a couple friends I see in your neck of the woods. Thank you , thank you for all your kind words, for always having a smile on your face and accepting me for the me you did not know. We are excited to move.. Packing just sucks.. We have to condense the large furnishings. I will miss them but we don’t need them. I never want to own another house. A small condo 1 or 2 bedroom with a pool and I will be a happy camper. I tell Ronnie I want to be able to vacuum our entire space without moving the plug from the vacuum to another outlet. If I have to do that , the space is to large. thanks for the positive vibes and prayers. You can call or text me my number has not changed. Lots of love to you and your family

  4. Thank you so much. I actually feel for the first time in my life that I deserve something and that is peace. I am at the end of life’s curve, there is not many years left to enjoy life and reflect. Its time for us.

  5. Sheila Schlicht says:

    I can sense your peace and am happy for you! Safe Travels Becki and Ronnie. Warm Hugs to you both!

  6. Melanie says:

    oh my god oh my god oh my god! Yay!! You’re escaping prison, and out the front door instead of down the wall on tied up sheets! Congrats to you and Ronnie!

  7. Thanks Melanie, you are so funny.. That is pretty good description on how it has felt at times…

  8. maria5125 says:

    Good luck on your move!!!

  9. AR Neal says:

    All the best!!! And if your travels take you through Southern California, be sure to stop by for a cuppa!!

  10. Actually we will be that direction on our way to the final stop !!

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