The LA Laker Player and Me

During 1994- 1995 I was running a muck, I was un-happy and searching for who knows what . I surely had no clue. My daily routine was go to work, hit the gym for an hour with a former Los Angeles Lakers player turned coach. After my work out I picked my sons up from day care/school and went home.

My goal was to be fit, strong and body build. My trainer at one time was the reputed strongest man in the NBA league. This man and I had a very close relationship until 1996 when I re-connected with Ronnie. We talked several times a day and he forced me in my darkest moments to hit the gym, Even when I ached from the prior days work out. He said Becki get off your ass and work on your abs, your legs or just come and do an hour of running. I was determined to be strong, fit and never again allow a man/woman to beat me. Or at the very least to be able to ward that person off and escape.

Each day when I walked into the gym he had a hand written log for me. I would sink into myself thinking how the heck can I do this in an hour. I went from one machine to another. Then he would meet me at the dead weights. By then the high school elite team he was coaching had arrived. He would tell the 8 players he coached to do what ever drill he planned for the day.

He towered over me. I was only 5’7″ , he was 6′ 8″. He set my weights and for 15-20 minutes and he spotted me. Every set he would say, “How much do you hate your mom?” I would lift the weight, forearms burning and shoulders ready to collapse. He would yell at me, one more rep. I always accomplished it.

We developed a close bond for over 2 years. He was 10 years older then me. We both had a tainted past. When we first met I had no idea he was an NBA All Star.. I was in a restaurant with my boss at the time having a drink after work and in walked this man wearing an Armani suit and the most beautiful shoes I ever seen. He was tall and walked with confidence. He sat next to me and said, “Hello miss lady.” We ended up talking for hours until the restaurant closed and then went for breakfast. When we departed and he walked me to my car I still had no idea who he was.

He said, ” Meet me at —- gym if your are serious about getting fit.” He gave me his phone number and said, “I am there everyday but Sunday between 2-6pm” He handed me a guest pass.

Eventually we worked out together, or I worked out while he drilled me like I was training for the military.  I loved that guy like a brother. I learned a lot from him, and I think he learned a lot from me.

We worked out at the gym until Ronnie and I re-connected. I remember the day I told him I had just spent an evening with this wonderful man named Ronnie Duckworth. His eyes flared and said , “A Duckworth from Chicago” I excitedly told him , “Yes!” He was pissed off, he knew Ronnie’s relative and they had a business agreement. Ronnie’s relative was not living up to his end of the deal.

That night the former LA Laker and I argued…. He kept saying over and over no , no , no. I told him, “I think I found my soul mate. ”

I did find my soul mate and the LA Laker and I are still friends. I am ready to get in shape so I can enjoy outdoor activities  without the baggage of extra weight.


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4 Responses to The LA Laker Player and Me

  1. JackieP says:

    If you want it, then you will have it. Go for it lady! big hugs

  2. The Hook says:

    You are truly an inspiration, Becki.
    Be well.

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