Get Ready

First of all, I am extremely humbled for all of you that have followed my blog for the past 11 months. All I have to share with you is myself. I am not a writer. I just have a story of terror that existed for my first 34 years of life.

Honestly all I ever wanted was a mother and father that cared about me and loved me. Should I have been graced with their love this blog probably  would not exist. Or maybe it would of been a blog of recipes handed down to my five children.

Yes… I just said five.. Again the number 5.. I made a pact/promise with the birth parents of my 2nd daughter,  until we discussed her existence I would not reveal who she was. I have never lived up to many promises , deals or commitments. However I have always respected the promise I made to my 2nd daughters parents.

I received an email/text from Anthony and Ali both criticizing and attacking me for not mentioning their full blood sister. They both said,” Mom why do you want to hide daughter #2″ I explained to both Anthony and Ali that when I heard from their sister I would tell tell the truth and welcome her voice to my blog.

I have asked my daughter and her parents to be a guest writer on my blog by Sunday September 29th. Please welcome my birth daughter and her parents with open arms. Should you have any hatred direct it to me please.

In closing, yes I have visited with daughter # 2 when called upon by her parents in 2005. I left immediately out of state with Ronnie’s blessing. In 2006 when daughter # 2 was in crisis Ronnie and I both left out of state to visit her.

My heart breaks, not just for daughter # 2 but all my children..

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4 Responses to Get Ready

  1. Melanie says:

    I’m looking forward to it.

  2. To say you have had a rough life is kinda … well, it just can’t be said that way.

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