What It’s Like

Today while I was sitting in a very plush waiting room of my Orthopedic Surgeon’s office, there was a teenage girl and her mother sitting across from me. The girl was reading an article in a magazine and turned to her mother and said, “When I go to college I think I want to study psychology mom.” She told her mother about the article she had just read.

What I could over hear while eaves dropping …. was that a grown woman and her brother suffered severe child abuse, they joined forces as adults, and started a non-profit to aid victims of child abuse. The mother looked at her daughter and said, “They are to damaged you can’t help them.”

Really, we are too damaged? Is that how society sees us? Did we make the choice to be beaten as children? Wow I was PISSED! I took receipt from my co-payment and wrote my blog address on it. When my name was called to enter the doctor’s office I handed it to the mother and told her, “This is my blog site, you and the comment you made to your daughter will be a topic on my blog.”

The mother looked at me confused. Am I, are we really to damaged? Do you feel that way?

Is this really how it is? Listen to the words in this song, Take 5 minutes out of your day. Does anyone really care?

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19 Responses to What It’s Like

  1. I can’t believe the comments of that woman. Sometimes I am surprised by such moments, when it becomes very clear that not everyone is thinking on the same level. What a horrible message to give to one’s daughter. I would think a parent would want to impart messages of compassion and hope. Good for you for passing along your blog to her. None of us are ever beyond hope and help.

    • No we are not beyond hope. Her message was horrible, her daughter was probably 16 or 17 years old and I hope she follows her dream. Maybe then she can teach her mother a thing or to about life.

  2. Sofia Leo says:

    Wow. Way to teach your kid compassion. Not.

    • I know, when she walked in and sat across from me my first thought was Barbie doll. At first I wondered if she was in the wrong area and needed to be in the cosmetic surgery area. Lord knows she had enough done already.

      • Sofia Leo says:

        Gack! I feel sorry for the daughter. I hope mom of the year doesn’t force her to become a carbon copy. How sad.

      • Haha, yeah we don’t really need anymore barbie dolls in the world. They live in Pacific Northwest !! She is a typical beauty queen snob mom… Hope she reads this LOL. I am n a mean streak today. Probably because I have to run to Costco and fight the shoppers UGH!!

  3. Abby says:

    I dont think we are too damaged. anyone that wants to get help can change. It’s those that do not want to change that are “too damaged to help” I think that opinion is disrespectful to those of us who have been through so many traumatic experiences and uneducated. I hope this woman reads this and understands that its never too late!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Abby, obviously she has lived in a perfect world and out of touch with reality. There are people like this unfortunately, probably her most traumatic event was having her credit card allowance reduced.

  4. I really hope the lady sees this blog and post and it changes something in her.

  5. They are not too damaged! That’s a ridiculous statement. She may not know how to (or care) work with child abuse victims, but all can be helped. I grant that it will be a difficult thing to do and frustration will, most likely, be rampant, but people can be helped if people will just help.
    It takes those who are willing to step out. Look at Helen Keller and what her teacher accomplished when all others said it couldn’t be done.

  6. secretangel says:

    No.. We are not too damaged. We are wounded and comments like that cause even more wounds when they are heard. It’s degrading and cuts like a knife like any abusive comment. I hope this lady reads my book, The Walking Wounded. None of us are perfect. Everyone has wounds from their past… including her and her daughter. I pray that God will touch this woman’s heart and raise her daughter up to reach out to help all of us who are wounded… Blessings to you Becki.

    • Thank you for reading, sorry I am not sure why/how I missed your comment. Yes indeed, we all have wounds from our past. I also hope she reads your book. As soon as it is released in paperback let me know and I will officially announce so on my blog. Sending you love.

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