One More Thing To Deal With, I Really Need Some Help !

I rarely reach out to other’s when dealing with issues in my life. Many messes I have created and I always have managed to dig myself out of them. The battles I have faced in life, most of my close friends never even were aware that they existed. I would seek legal counsel or turn to my dear friend Bari for spiritual advise. The last few years I sought help from therapists and psychiatrists and began to heal emotionally. I ask for little, and am accused of giving way to much. Right now I am dealing with a battle that seems out of my control even after seeking medical attention and massive amounts of research this past week.

I have Rosacea, there is not a cure as of yet from what I have researched online. This started a few months back with just a few papules and redness on one side of my mouth. Initially my thought’s were, I was just having a reaction to something I ate. They papules spread to both sides of my mouth and the redness increased. On March 6th I went to see my primary care physician in Oregon, she took one look and said, “You have Rosacea.” Fricken wonderful ! Why couldn’t I just have a sprained hand or heck I would of been happy with pink eye, ear infection or even a broken leg to be honest vs. this crap. Why Rosacea? Don’t get me wrong, there are many other illness much worse than Rosacea, I have friends with MS, Parkinsons, Cancer, and I am battling a way worse condition outside of the Rosacea. The other I just have under control.

The Doctor prescribed me topical ointments, one is Metronidazole Gel 0.75% and the other is Hydrocortisone Butyrate 0.1%. I am using them as prescribed, and the Rosacea is spreading , getting redder and worse each day. Under my nose is completely engulfed on both sides with papules and redness. I am flipping out, I read all the triggers on the National Rosacea website. I have read chat boards, I checked out a couple blogs and every 10 minutes or so I am looking in the mirror hoping and praying by some miracle it goes away. IT’S NOT !!

One of the triggers of Rosacea is alcohol, I am not drinking, so check that one off, maybe I need to drink again to KILL it ! Another trigger is heat , well sweet mother of Jesus ! I just moved to Arizona, another is spicy foods, one of my favorites, but ok removed that one. Caffeine is another, I stopped drinking Pepsi, I am currently drinking less than 2 cups of coffee in the mornings. I plan on giving up coffee altogether this week, its going to be hard and the headaches will come, but I will quit.

Rosacea is just crap, crap, crap. All my life I have always had very nice, pretty flawless skin. I have scars everywhere on my body from attacks, but my face has always been pretty flawless, now I look like a monster and each day that passes it’s spreading more. I have read countless ideas of how to slow the spread , but I want to hear from real people that have experienced this, what worked for you? Or do you possibly know what worked for a loved one? I am not willing at this point to spend thousands of dollars for something that won’t work. I emailed my Doctor in Oregon yesterday with pictures of my face and the progression since March 6th. I asked her to prescribe an oral medication possibly. The great thing about Kaiser Insurance is they will ship out of state. I didn’t mention, I will be without that fantastic insurance at the end of this month.

Yes I drink water, I drink more water than anyone I personally know. Filtered water.. I ‘ve given up my staple foods avocado’s and tomato’s also. Please if you have any suggestions on what worked for you please share with me. I want to kick Rosacea in its ugly behind. Thank God I purchased my Gilligan hat and brought it with me to Arizona.

My Gilligan Hat

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27 Responses to One More Thing To Deal With, I Really Need Some Help !

  1. Brenda says:

    No idea, sorry. Sometimes skin allergies can worsen the redness, though. Try to find a cream with no fragrance. And see a dermatologist. Good luck!

    • Currently I am not using any creams, I am told not to do so which screwed up my whole morning and night regimen I have had for years. I have always used some of the best skin care products available. In fact I have never used store bought products. It’s the one thing I always splurged on. A dermatologist is on my list. My dear friend worked for one for years as a nurse she has since retired and has given me advise, still nothing is working. I will see what Doc in Oregon advises when she sees the photo’s I emailed her. Sometimes the best option may be from other sufferers for advise.

      • Brenda says:

        Sometimes, I agree. I had very red skin until a dermatologist finally identified that I was allergic to fragrance, which is in almost any skin lotion, regardless of price. It was causing me a mild eczema. I’ve never had rosacea, though, so I have no idea. I hope you find some help. It’s no fun when you can’t get answers.

      • I have always used fragrance free on my face. Rosacea, is a evil itchy nasty looking mess. Thanks for the support. I am also researching alternative meds, supplements and ideas.

  2. Teela Hart says:

    Steroids may help. My daughter has Rosacea and she was prescribed a steroid topical ointment. She has to be extremely careful about makeup, hairspray body wash, clothes detergent and shampoo.

  3. Sunshine says:

    I looked it up and if you are into natural ways of dealing with this check this out…it’s all natural so I doubt it would harm your skin more.

  4. Do you have a pool available to you?
    If so swim in it,,put your face in it,,,and then sit in the shade and continue with the steroid cream and for the time being try to stay out of the sun. It may be flaring up because of all the stress you have been under with the move and all.
    It worked for my daughter,, maybe it will work for you?

  5. secretangel says:

    I understand how you feel… I got it too and cried! I was so upset! I did not want any one to see me. Hydrocortizone cream made mine worse. Stress makes it worse… well, so much for that. By the way… love your hat.

    • How were you able to get it under control? I read 1 out of 20 women develop this between 30-50. Lucky me I fell outside if the older range by a couple years. Thank you, I finally had a reason to wear my Gilligan hat.

      • secretangel says:

        I use the same cream that you do. I used hydrocortizone for months and it just kept getting worse. Hydrocortizone and any steroidal medicines made it flare up even more. Try stopping that and see if it gets better.

      • Thanks for the advise , I stopped using that one and amusing the metro gel one now that I mentioned in post. Still feels rough lots of papules and really red. I will hopefully hear from the doc tomorrow am. I am taking a picture every night so I can see the stages. I really dislike this!!

  6. Kim says:

    I have this also, I see a dermatologist, and he prescribes doxycycline an antibiotic

    • Thank you Kim, My doctor just prescribed doxycycline. I sure hope I see some improvement.. Today it began to start itching.. What a pain !

      • Kimberly Biehn says:

        Stay out of the direct sun while taking that and also. If you get anything waxed!! Don’t your skin will go with the wax too. I learned the hard way before my sisters wedding!! Lets just say I had to sets of eyebrows. Hope it works for you.

      • Oh my Lord that sounds terrible. Ok no waxing for me !! I sure hope it helps. the topical is drying my face out pretty bad. I was told not to put any moisturizers on my face, that really sucks because I have been using really good face and eye cream for over 25 years, it feels so dry but yet has all these papules.

  7. Denise Hisey says:

    This sounds very challenging Becki.
    My husband had Rosacea. His was really aggravated by stress. Since he’s learned some stress-relieving tools his symptoms disappeared and he hasn’t had a recurrence in years.
    I’m guessing your move to Arizona was a big trigger. Sounds like you’re getting some good advice from other readers, too. Try focusing on self-care and lots of rest, too.

    • I think mine was triggered by the stress of the move also. All the organizing un-packing etc. I will receive the new oral medication and a new topical today. I sure hope they help. I can sure relate and feel for your husband. My dear friend in Reno also told me to drink 2oz of pure aloe vera juice per day and surprising enough the redness is diminishing some. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your week.

  8. Rose says:

    I suffer from it a little, but just around my nose. The only things I have found that really help are a) eating a LOT of fresh (not cooked) vegetables and b) cutting right back on sugary foods. With the veg, the more greens I eat, the better my skin is. Lettuce and spinach and chard are the easiest to eat and you can add them to fruit smoothies if you make them at home. Or just piles and piles of salad. Every day. Good luck on finding relief X.

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