Trust Me, Racism Runs Deep….. Really Deep….

I had no intention of writing a blog post tonight, in fact I have contemplated this week of shutting my blog down. Don’t knock my grammar tonight because I am pissed. Allegedly the LA Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling has made remarks to his girlfriend in regards to Magic Johnson and her relationship with other people in the black community.

Allegedly Donald Sterling has questioned and reprimanded his girlfriend about broadcasting her association with black people. Are you EFFIN kidding me??? These “black people” are the ones that are making you millions on the basketball court you IGNORANT piece of crap! Donald Sterling, you are the same guy that has been sued for millions of dollars by Justice Department for rental housing discrimination. Allegedly, Donald Sterling in a recorded conversation tells his girlfriend, “You can sleep with them, you can bring them home, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it, and not to bring them to my games.” He even tells his girlfriend, “maybe you’re stupid.” All because she posted a picture with herself and Magic Johnson on Instagram?

I must say on ESPN tonight, Shaq and Charles Barkley took the high road.. when I hear this stuff it makes my blood boil… First of all over 80% of the athletes in the NBA, maybe more, are black… College basketball and possibly football probably have close to the same stats.

I will never forget in 1978 when I went to visit my Grandmother in Campbellsville Kentucky. My Grandmother, Step-Grandfather and Uncle Doug were watching the Kentucky Wildcats basketball game on TV. The Wildcats are Kentucky’s beloved college team. The folks in Kentucky live and breath college basketball, outside of the derby there was not much else for sports entertainment. My family was and most of them, still are extremely racist. I sat watching my family entertained and cheering on their Wildcats. When the team was scoring and doing well, all was good, when they were down the, “you stupid “N” word was flying amongst them all.

Shocked, does not even come close to how I felt, these racist ignorant pigs that I just happened to have the unfortunate pleasure of being related to were really confusing me… If you are truly racist, why would you even watch a show, sports or not, with people/players outside of your green eyed, blue eyed race. I was confused, really confused. They slung the “N” word at the grocery store, restaurants, at blacks driving on the highway. But they could cheer black people on that played for the Kentucky Wildcats.. Are you following me? Am I making any kind of sense? Just like the blog post I wrote titled, ” They Will Rape You”

Growing up as a young person that lived in the “boondocks” and then in Chicago, I was super confused. Why did my family and friends cheer on Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers, Ernie Banks and while walking out of the ballpark refer to blacks as,” Those dumb N****r’s?” Why? , I asked myself that questions a million times, I never understood it. And I was always told that I better never bring home a boyfriend that was brown skinned or a hippie. Lord forbid !!

I have always seen the double standard, if a black person is famous, great athlete, actor, in racist pigs eyes that person is ok. If not you know what they are STILL called. It’s disgusting that Donald Sterling would say what he allegedly said, “As a white person can I not walk with a black person?” Does it make me look disgusting to do so… Am I a tramp to have children that are of black decent ? Most racist fucks, believe that. I have heard just in the past few years, from not one, but several people that they would of never guessed I was married to a black man. What does that statement mean???

The MAIN reason I was cast out of my family is because I was with a black man, despite what they may say, that is the honest to God’s truth. I lost many a opportunity because I was involved with a black man and bore black children. That’s just the way it was, I rebelled and was angry and unfortunately made some very bad choices because of my anger.

Adam Silver needs to terminate Donald Sterling as an owner of the LA Clippers. And all of you that are racists should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. God does not like ugly.

Donald Sterling is the same as a slave owner, he is making millions off of hard working black men. He is a sick, racist pathetic piece of garbage.


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41 Responses to Trust Me, Racism Runs Deep….. Really Deep….

  1. Mavadelo says:

    Amen… great post, reblogging it to the shareyourwordpressblog blog

    • I am so angry, my relative Kevin Duckworth played for that piece of shit Donald Sterling at the end of his basketball career.. Sorry I was all over the board with this one. It just brought up so many feelings of racism.

  2. Mavadelo says:

    Reblogged this on Share your WordPress Blog and commented:
    Reblogged on behalf of the mods from the shareyourwordpressblog blog 🙂

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    Very well said! I’m glad you wrote this post. You thinking about shutting it down? Please don’t ….. Hugs!!

    • I’ve contemplated removing my blog for over a week. I have received death threats, and a tremendous amount of oppression in all of its ugliness for supporting equality, that my grammar is “the poorest ever read on WP” that I am looking for a pity party, and dozens of hate mail from family members. These family members I haven’t even spoken to in years and the truth really bothers them.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        I have learned that depending which blogs you “like”/follow, which comments you make, where you interact …. that’s where the haters appear. Didn’t know about this word/world until I started blogging … learned from a wonderful lady, on attack every day for the last 3 years, to never give up.

        Don’t let anyone take the light away from you!! Do so on your own terms. If you really want to give it up, then do so … but not bc “they” …. haters/family …. are taking it away from you!!

        ❤ …… BTW, it's their loss, not yours!!!

      • You are so right. Sometimes it just breaks my heart. It is very easy for people to hide behind their computer screen with ignorance. Not one person has EVER approached me in person, including my WARPED and very ignorant family. I have never acclaimed to be a polished writer, but I try and speak from my heart with the TRUTH. I try and write as if we were sitting and talking in my living room as friends.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        You do very well!! You do the best you can … that’s all anyone can ask for …. you write for you, for your enjoyment and for those who follow you.

        You do not write from “them” … always remember that!!!

        Another tight hug!! Take me with you, on that motorcycle!! LOL … ❤ ….

      • Thanks Doc for always being kind. You are a very kind soul with a spirit that resonates love. Come on over we have another for you to ride.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        LOL .. wishful thinking!!! 😀

      • eurobrat says:

        Whenever you express your opinions online, you will encounter haters who will try to knock you down. Please don’t let them discourage you. This was a great read, it would be a shame if you stopped posting.

      • So true, if I wrote a blog just about kittens or puppies there would be haters of some kind. Thanks for stopping by.
        XXOO Becki

      • eurobrat says:

        Down with puppies!!

  4. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Racism will never be gone!! Not in this country. Remember “12 years a slave”? It’s rooted too deeply. Remember the trees in the South?
    Sadly our “country” has a very small mind!!! 😦

    • Doc, this man is disturbing. Racism at it’s worst. Yes I remember all, we take a few steps forward in this country and a thousand back. Thank you for reblogging, you probably know first hand about discrimination and I have dealt with it as a white skinned woman for 30 years. I can’t even count how many derogatory remarks have been made to me over the years. All these horrible comments were made simply because I choose to be with a black man and bear his children. Even when I was attacked and stabbed 21 times, the comment was made that maybe I should not have been with a Latino and it would of never happened. To this day I believe the reason I was denied disability in 1991 after the stabbing was because the attacker whom I knew was Latino. Having 17 life threatening stab wounds, brain damage and a year of re-hab I should of immediately been granted that $950.00 check and food stamps to support my children. I was denied, because the year before “I made too much money and owned two vehicles”. I say it was discrimination. This crap with Donald Sterling just took this country back 50 years and it can not be overlooked or brushed under the rug. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your support. XXOO Becki

      • Dr. Rex says:

        Dear Becki .. you are right on the money. Things in this country aren’t ok …. it’s going down the tubes …

        Sad to say we don’t walk what we talk. “The greatest country in the world”? Don’t think so .. it is beyond sad. All the injustices, atrocities, discrimination that are still condoned to this day.

        They only thing we can do is go on … live our lives. Sad bc we depend on society for so many things. Sometimes I wish I could live in an Island.

        Yep, I know what you mean … I’ve felt it too: female, Latina and lesbian and now senior. The perfect combo!!

        I send you a tight, Latin hug .. one of the best ones!!!
        ❤ …..
        Still haven't heard from Aunt!!

      • Thank you Doc, Your combo is beautiful and perfect !!!! Thank you for the hug. An island sounds wonderful !! At least you and I live in 2 of the most beautiful states in the country, why can’t people be beautiful and kind as well? I wasn’t able to get ahold of her. I will try again. Make it a beautiful day, we are going to spend the day motorcycling and exploring a new town in AZ called Globe. I will post pictures. Also going to PM you on FB.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        Ah, dear friend … does my “green envy” show through your monitor??

        Pics please!! Enjoy you day, your life and Ronnie!!
        ❤ …..

      • Haha, I plan on taking lot’s of pics today. Globe is an old silver mining town full of history and supposed “good ghosts” The desert is beautiful this time of year and the weather perfect. I will post pics on WP tomorrow. Sending love and peace to you and your partner.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        TY …… enjoy that ride … take your mind off things!!

        ❤ …. hugs!!

      • Thank you, we will. Have a beautiful rest of your weekend.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        You too, sweets!! Mua!! ❤ ….

  5. Stephanie Jones says:

    WOW, is he serious. What a freaking a**hole! I hope he rot’s in hell.

    • Yes, he is serious. Basically he is a slave owner, he just has to pay the players. He treats his employees that are black, like crap and doesn’t want his girlfriend seen with a black person. The league needs to take away is ownership. Adam Silver and the NBA needs to take swift action.

  6. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    You are making a lot of sense, unfortunately, many love the game more than they hate a racist. 😦

  8. drew delaney says:

    The court/field/rink is like the colosseum of long ago. The players are entertainers and have no souls. At least, that is what the fans and owners think. Until they remove their masks and uniforms. Then everyone’s colours show. VERY WELL DONE MY FRIEND.

  9. You are fine, what you have said resonates and because it resonates it will also make others angry. If you are getting haters, block them. I am sorry this is happening, but don’t let them silence you. Sterling, he is a cretin and you are so right he should be barred from ownership.

  10. Gator Woman says:

    But, we must never give up. If we do, they win. Never stop loving all people, ALL PEOPLE!

  11. Melanie says:

    He’s a jerk. And your grammar is just fine. Seriously.

  12. Laurel says:

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