LA Clippers Should ALL Boycott Tomorrow Night’s Game

To truly make a stand against racism, the entire LA Clipper team should boycott tomorrows night game against the Golden State Warriors.

This is my opinion and if it’s not yours, I don’t care, I am talking my opinion here. What I do care about is what is right and taking a stand against racism. Forcing Donald Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers is only going to give him financial gain. Donald Sterling paid approx. 15 million dollars for the team. The Clippers are now worth close to a billion dollars. So Donald Sterling will profit hundreds of millions of dollars.

Suspending Donald Sterling from the NBA for a year or so is not punishment enough, if that is what his sanction ends up being. That is a slap on the wrist to him.

The fans would be affected by the team not showing up for tomorrow nights game, but my belief is NOT a single fan should show up and definitely not a player. This issue is much greater than a basketball game, it’s about the continued racism that exists in this country. On these players paychecks there are ONLY 2 names. The players name and Donald Sterling’s name.

By the players not showing up for the game # 1 they don’t cross a picket line of a unions that is sure to be at the game protesting. These players are union, 2nd Donald Sterling’s team, and it is still his team, profits nothing, there is no game. The NBA should reimburse from Donald Sterling’s asset’s to all ticket holders, the cost of the ticket. They should pay every employee their full nights wage from Donald Sterling’s account. (myself I would live without it) Yes it would be sad to forfeit the game to the Warriors after years of the Clippers being a non-contender. But the issue is racism….. at it’s worst.

I have always been an activist against racism, I don’t care how many fans, children, ticketholders are disappointed. Those men that have been working their hearts out for their paycheck from this racist piece of crap owner, should not play another game for his profit NO MATTER THE COST !! Playoff finals or championship game, it does not matter.

Think of the slaves that built this country, that suffered beatings, rape, and the ultimate sacrifice DEATH to make a white man rich.

It won’t happen… but my opinion is, if you TRULY stand against racism don’t air the game on national television, don’t attend the game and players should stay home or go do volunteer work in the community. But not a single member of the Clippers should make that piece of filth another penny or step on that court while he is an owner.

If slaves gave their freedom and lives for this country….. Players of the Los Angeles Clippers what sacrifice are you willing to make? More important what are all of us willing to sacrifice. Turning a jersey inside out isn’t enough..


I have much respect for State Farm, Carfax, Kia , Red Bull for pulling their sponsorship from the Clippers. And any other sponsor that may of followed suit since I started this post.


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2 Responses to LA Clippers Should ALL Boycott Tomorrow Night’s Game

  1. Dr. Rex says:

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    Behind this 1000% … this is just not right!!! SMH ….

  2. Just a thought, but first let me say I respect your opinion. If the players boycott they hurt themselves, cutting themselves off from potential opportunity in the future. Better might be the following.

    Don’t force him to sell, at least not so he profits. Instead make all the players free agents at the end of the season. Making all their contracts Null.

    Fine him his profit for the season, create a specific fund benefiting up and coming players, schools and scholarship or other worthy causes. Make it really specific.

    Bar him from all games and active participation in management.

    I would bet, given some time I could think of some more.

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