Big Things

Our youngest son used to always say, “Mom, I am doing big things, really big things.” He used “big things” in reference to modeling at Columbia Sportswear, his employment at the bank and when he started college. That child was quite the jokester and always excited about his accomplishments and projects on the horizon.

Well here in Arizona,Ronnie and I are what our son would call,”Doing Big Things!”

For myself, I have jumped head first back into the world of having a corporate paycheck. In Arizona I am doing “BIGGER THINGS.” I debated talking about it and I am not going to say much, those that know me personally have been informed.

What’s exciting is I will be able to travel, Chicago is definitely in the picture, lot’s of Vegas trips, California, Florida, Boston, and the best part is most likely Hawaii !! I am pretty excited.

Ronnie also is doing well, the first interview he had less than a week after we arrived, he landed the job. Much better pay than in Oregon, and he loves the job and his co-workers. He only travels about 12 miles each way to work.

So we are pretty darn happy, Arizona was the right choice for us. Life is great and everyday is sunny. We are very, very blessed.

Mother’s day weekend was great, we stayed at the Hyatt in Scottsdale overnight listened to some great music. There were golf carts that picked us up at the Hyatt and drove us to the music venue. I was able to sit by the pool and relax with friends and just feel GOOD!!

One of my favorite young male friends from Oregon woke me up at 10:00am with a Happy Mother’s Day call. He has been like a son to me for the past 5 years. And the wonderful part is, I had never met his Mother, but she was one of the friends that joined us at the Hyatt. His Mother also lives in Mesa.

Last weekend we traveled up to Payson Arizona about an hour and a half from where we live. We took the Harley, and my God, the trip through the Tonto National Forest was amazing. Beauty at it’s finest, just incredible countryside. We spent Saturday night with friends in Payson and stayed up until past 5am chatting.

On the way to Payson, there were 2 beautiful wild horses that crossed right in front of us on the rode. Our best friend was riding in front of us on his Harley and spotted them coming out of the brush, he motioned for us to take caution right about the same time we saw them. That moment of beauty will be forever etched in my mind. Those 2 beautiful caramel horses with a dark, dark brown mane were gorgeous.

There is something so soothing about riding on a Harley and letting your brain stop and release all the pain in your heart and just enjoy nature, the wind and the sun. Call me crazy, because I am, I am thankful that Arizona does not have a helmet law. It’s truly a different experience riding without a helmet, in shorts. If you know me well, I love, love motorcycles and the ocean. I have always said if I died on a Harley or while swimming in the ocean , I died happy and doing what I love the most.

I have found my peaceful place, I hope everyone else someday will be as happy and blessed as I am, if your not already. Go follow your dreams. Remove the rubbish that causes harm.



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7 Responses to Big Things

  1. So happy you’ve found your peaceful place. It sounds wonderful. Susan

  2. I am happy for you, I love that part of the country. Have often thought it might be one of the places I should try to move to, but it is that or my need for waves crashing.

  3. Thanks I am feeling very peaceful and happy. The wonderful thing about where we live is you can get to Los Angeles or Vegas in 5 hours by car or San Diego in 6 hours. It’s a perfect location to live. Mexico is only 180 miles from Mesa and then of course there is the Grand Canyon just a few hours away. Mesa is a perfect place to live !! The economy is also thriving here.

  4. Melanie says:

    I am so happy for you! Yay dreams!

  5. Well, Becki,
    I am trying to remove the rubbish. The stroke has really helped with that. I don’t put up with much nonsense now. My blood pressure is normal; my sugar is mostly stabilized, and I am beginning to get my walking legs back just a bit (new meds, new hope).
    If I could sleep I would be wonderful (even with the double vision). I am not complaining. It’s simply that sleeping 4-6 hours straight would just heighten my days! Not sure how to approach this one as nothing seems to help; however, it that is the worst I deal with – well… 🙂

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