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I know It’s Hard To Believe

I originally was going to write a post about something entirely different. But this morning I thought I would share about my project today. I am finishing a Bible study on Job. Ronnie and I have not yet left to … Continue reading

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Packing Up Our Life And Moving Forward

Ronnie and I have both been so busy these last couple months. We are very close to leaving our home. Finally once and for all, off of Applegate Drive. For those of you that don’t know, we have lived on … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Ok, so you have heard this before. Since 2004 Ronnie and I have tried to get the heck out of Dodge. Now we have a date and a plan. In so many ways Oregon has been a blessing but at … Continue reading

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My Selfishness

The universe lost an amazing man this weekend and the heaven’s gained an angel. I am blessed to have been in his presence and shared many laughs. My heart grieves out of selfishness that I yearn for more treasured moments … Continue reading

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To Forgive is to Set a Prisoner Free

Sometimes a cold slap in the face from a loving friend is exactly the healing balm a soul needs. It’s not unlike pouring alcohol on a lethal wound: you know that painful sting will save you in the end. I … Continue reading

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Summer Update At The Duckworth’s

I have not blogged in weeks. I am just getting back in the saddle for real this time. Our backyard is looking much better. I love the lights the canopy and the pagoda. Many thanks to Rick and Jeremy for … Continue reading

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Dealing With…Having Never Dealt With It

I am finally on the mend. It’s been a long two weeks recovering from being sick and having sutures. Pneumonia really took a toll on me, and I was without any energy or motivation. With every negative there is always … Continue reading

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$18,000 Of Kindness

Not too many people have $18,000 to give as a gift to a stranger. One very gracious shoe giant’s wife, right here in little ole’ Aloha, Oregon, gave $18,000 to my friend to save her business. This kind act of … Continue reading

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