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Yes, He Was My Friend Before He Stabbed Me

The project I’ve been involved with has brought up many questions about the man that stabbed me. Interviewers are very curious about what type of man would escalate to the point, that he grabs a butcher knife and plunges that … Continue reading

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The Anniversary

It’s been a year now that I have blogging. I was hoping to write a nice long blog about how wonderful the last year has been. Expressing myself, gaining support from new friends and how much my life has changed. … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

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Fast And Furious , That’s How It Happens

PTSD and a pinch of OCD equals crazy-making. Today I woke up refreshed, which rarely is the case for me. I came downstairs to get my coffee and sat out back on the patio. The sky was grey and it … Continue reading

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Were You Crying When You Were Stabbing Him?

The prosecutor , Juan Martinez in the Jodi Arias’ trial went for the Hail Mary like it was fourth down in a Superbowl game. “Were you crying when you were stabbing him” Martinez asked Jodi. That question was asked and … Continue reading

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Welcome to My World

To everyone who is following my blog and taking time to read my posts, I am very touched and grateful. When I started this blog a week ago, I intended for my first post to welcome you to my blog … Continue reading

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