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Protected: It Hit Me Hard

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A Battle I May Lose

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Recently a former classmate of mine posted our kindergarten class photo on facebook. The only photo’s I have of my childhood are a few that my Aunt sent me. Immediately upon seeing the kindergarten class photo I tried to identify … Continue reading

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The Rape Story

Warning : This post may be a trigger for anyone who has been raped. Sperm DonorĀ (SD) and I decided to move into a small apartment with his Great Aunt in the early spring of 1984. I was employed at a … Continue reading

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For The Hundredth Time !

Generally when the phrase, ” For The Hundredth Time” is used a negative comment follows. Have you heard this phrase? I also am guilty of using it negatively. Today’s post is the big.. ONE, ZERO, ZERO for me. Yep, for … Continue reading

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2 In, 2 Out

Two-in There should always be (at least) two firefighters together when they enter a location that is considered a hazard area that is considered “Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health” (IDLH), i.e., the interior of the structure fire. Firefighters operating … Continue reading

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Get Ready

First of all, I am extremely humbled for all of you that have followed my blog for the past 11 months. All I have to share with you is myself. I am not a writer. I just have a story … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

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Moving Day

Ok, so you have heard this before. Since 2004 Ronnie and I have tried to get the heck out of Dodge. Now we have a date and a plan. In so many ways Oregon has been a blessing but at … Continue reading

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Relentlessly Brainwashed

Therapy has been very productive lately. I am connecting with my new therapist Carol and she is very well versed with PTSD patients. My therapy sessions are weekly, and I feel Carol now has a good sense of who I … Continue reading

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