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How An Abused Little Girl from Italy Helps Millions

Note from Becki: This is a guest post from Chris McMurry, who I met today along with his father, Preston. Their story is interesting and I wanted them to share it. “I recently contacted Becki Duckworth, the owner of this … Continue reading

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The Rape Story

Warning : This post may be a trigger for anyone who has been raped. Sperm Donor (SD) and I decided to move into a small apartment with his Great Aunt in the early spring of 1984. I was employed at a … Continue reading

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The Anniversary

It’s been a year now that I have blogging. I was hoping to write a nice long blog about how wonderful the last year has been. Expressing myself, gaining support from new friends and how much my life has changed. … Continue reading

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I like October, I like October… Who Am I trying To Fool? I Hate October!

It’s raining and gloomy here in Oregon. Today also is the first day of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. October is also the anniversary of when I was stabbed. My wonderful husband, and soul mate’s birthday is in October. My … Continue reading

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But , But…. Mine Was Extreme Domestic Violence

This post is going to have so many grammatical errors you may not be able to follow. Today I went from super happy because Ronnie is on vacation for a week , to angry due to an email.  Ronnie is … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

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Relentlessly Brainwashed

Therapy has been very productive lately. I am connecting with my new therapist Carol and she is very well versed with PTSD patients. My therapy sessions are weekly, and I feel Carol now has a good sense of who I … Continue reading

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The Interviews Are Over

The last few weeks I have been MIA from blogging. The new set of lacerations that I added to my collection are healing nicely, even though they are still very prevalent. The latest chest x-ray confirmed that the pneumonia is … Continue reading

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The Artwork And The Narcissist

The artwork on my blog header has generated many questions since I started blogging seven months ago. I receive emails weekly from readers: “where did you find the layout”,”what website did you copy the artwork from”, “what provoked you to use … Continue reading

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Open Adoption: Not The Painless Option

Adoption is a serious legal proceeding that involves the termination of the legal parental rights of birth parents and the assumption of legal parental responsibilities by the adoptive parents. (1) Open Adoption/Cooperative Adoption is a form of adoption in which … Continue reading

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