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Sleep Interupted, She’s Back

The dreams are vivid, the pain is real and raw. The vicious attacks I suffered as a child are haunting me, interrupting my sleep, and causing extreme anxiety. My mother would be happy knowing she’s still causing me pain. The … Continue reading

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The Thief Has Returned

The thief has once again arrived and is attempting to steal my soul. All I can take solace in at the moment is I know I am not alone. Ive attempted three times since Monday to blog about this, each … Continue reading

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Recently a former classmate of mine posted our kindergarten class photo on facebook. The only photo’s I have of my childhood are a few that my Aunt sent me. Immediately upon seeing the kindergarten class photo I tried to identify … Continue reading

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8270 Days

Nine hundred sixty five days , 965 days between our knife wielding attackers. I was starting to heal, feeling stronger, I landed a great job with the TOPS program in Portland Oregon. My position was assistant case worker for women transitioning from … Continue reading

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Big Things

Our youngest son used to always say, “Mom, I am doing big things, really big things.” He used “big things” in reference to modeling at Columbia Sportswear, his employment at the bank and when he started college. That child was quite … Continue reading

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Trucks And A Mask

Frustration is the feeling for this Friday the 13th of September. I woke to the sounds of dump trucks heading to the top of our hill. Dump trucks, log trucks, water trucks have taken over our peaceful neighborhood for almost … Continue reading

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Fast And Furious , That’s How It Happens

PTSD and a pinch of OCD equals crazy-making. Today I woke up refreshed, which rarely is the case for me. I came downstairs to get my coffee and sat out back on the patio. The sky was grey and it … Continue reading

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The Narcissist Strikes Back

It didn’t take long for the narcissist to strike and he did so through his sister-in-law Krista. Miss Krista confronted me in an email about that I was not telling the truth in my post about the artwork and the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Living With PTSD

Please join me in welcoming Zoe, author of both Behind The Mask of Abuse and BuckWheats Risk. Zoe writes candidly about her experiences with abuse, rape, and the after effects she still lives with and fights daily. Zoe has also … Continue reading

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