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To Forgive is to Set a Prisoner Free

Sometimes a cold slap in the face from a loving friend is exactly the healing balm a soul needs. It’s not unlike pouring alcohol on a lethal wound: you know that painful sting will save you in the end. I … Continue reading

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Finally I Am Going To Talk Cake

I hate cake, not just any cake, but birthday cake. Maybe I should clarify… I hate birthday cake for my birthday. Baking and making a cake is a labor of love. When my children were young, at least a week … Continue reading

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Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones……

We all know the saying…. Yesterday, I received verbal attacks from the woman that birthed me and my step-father’s son Marc Meier. He sent over 10 messages to my blog and his words were filled with hate and anger. He … Continue reading

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Happy 1st Day Of June

Wishing all my readers a very happy 1st day of June.. Have a great weekend!! Ronnie and I are going to enjoy the company of close friends and have a BBQ at our home. Tomorrow I will have a new … Continue reading

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