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LA Clippers Should ALL Boycott Tomorrow Night’s Game

To truly make a stand against racism, the entire LA Clipper team should boycott tomorrows night game against the Golden State Warriors. This is my opinion and if it’s not yours, I don’t care, I am talking my opinion here. … Continue reading

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Trust Me, Racism Runs Deep….. Really Deep….

I had no intention of writing a blog post tonight, in fact I have contemplated this week of shutting my blog down. Don’t knock my grammar tonight because I am pissed. Allegedly the LA Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling has made remarks to … Continue reading

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The Cruel Message From A Racist

Last Sunday I was getting ready for bed after a long day of un-packing and organizing. Kira (my kitty) always gets a few treats at bedtime. I reached over to grab her treat bag on my nightstand when my cell … Continue reading

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“They” Will Rape You

Yesterday I was visiting with two of my friends from India that are currently living in Oregon. They are both very educated and come from the highest level of castes in India. I am so intrigued by their culture, and … Continue reading

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