Anthony – Prove It !

Below is a conversation Anthony had with my Niece on Facebook

Anthony prove it.

Anthony Duckworth

  • Hey

  • Anthony Duckworth

     I know we’ve never met, but I want you to know I am not the person Becki makes me out to be.

    I am a very successful person in life.

  • Amanda Pomaikaiokalani Riley

    That’s good cousin and I know we never meet before and I really don’t know about the fall out that you and your mom had with each other

  • Anthony Duckworth

    What Becki doesnt talk about is how I had to see her stabbed, I was the one who saved her life by calling 911, I had to see my Dad beat up on her, I had to see Lance’s Dad beat up on her, I’ve had to see her with several men in life that didnt give a shit about her. I had to see her handcuffed and taken to jail on two different court conditions, I was the one who had to take care of Lance and I when she was stabbed. I mean I could go on and on, but 1 thing I want to let you know is be very very safe and careful when and if you move her because she isnt the person she makes herself out to be. Even Lance moved out to get away from her BS.
    Amanda Pomaikaiokalani Riley

    Wow, I did not know that..and what do you mean by be safe and careful when I move there?

  • Anthony Duckworth

    She just isn’t the person she makes herself out to be. She is bi polar.

    Amanda Pomaikaiokalani Riley

    ok, thank you for letting me know

  • Anthony Duckworth

    Ali, was one of Becki’s adoption scams, It made it too good morning america and was front page of the Oregonian.

    Anthony Duckworth

    Becki has a history of crimes that is 50 pages long. I am not proud of her past but its not like it stopped. In 2004 she was charged for another case of identify theft. She had to change jobs because when she worked for Key she had stolen someones personal information and used it. This was only 1 of multiple times she had done this and been caught.

  • Anthony Duckworth

    I used to love her too death as my Mother, but our latest fall out was because she was trying to control my relationship with my wife. She promised us all this stuff from west coast, she even had Alyssa pick out everything she wanted for the wedding to only take it all away because she was no longer in control. She lied to Alyssa about other things and even told mutual friends of Alyssa’s mother that she was out to get Alyssa and her Mom because they were not good enough for me.

    Anthony Duckworth

    Also she wrote about how when Kevin passed away that she had to pay for the memorial that they had for me and whatever else she said she had to take care of blah blah blah…all bullshit, I happen to have a friend who works as an accountant for the blazers and he told me that the Blazers organization took care of all cost and asked why a family member would have to pay for cost.

    Anthony Duckworth

    I am just advising you to be very cautious, I only speak the truth and can prove everything I say is the truth and I promise you that on my unborn child Alijah Jordan Duckworth.

    What she also doesn’t write about is how she tried to sue me for a Million dollars. Yup my own mother tried to sue me for a Million dollars and of course she lost.

    Amanda Pomaikaiokalani Riley

    thank you for the heads up and really a Million Dollars?

  • Anthony Duckworth

    Yup. I have the court doc’s to prove that one too. There are several reasons that I don’t talk to her and these are just a few.

    Anthony Duckworth

    Oh and everything that she promised my wife for our wedding she had us use a credit card to hold it (said we wouldn’t be charged because she would get it for free, but had to use a Credit Card to hold it) well the day she decided to not help us anymore our Bank was charged more than 3,000$ which caused our rent check to bounce along with several other items and caused Alyssa and I to have a number of overdraft charges as well as cause us to rack up huge credit card bills because we had to do several cash advances in order to make everything right. Something else I could prove.

    Anthony Duckworth

    Just be careful.

  • Amanda Pomaikaiokalani Riley

    thank you..I have to go right now and I will talk to you later..Take care

  • Sunday
  • Anthony Duckworth

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey here in oregon and honestly wish you the best of luck with your relationship with Becki. She’ll talk bad about me i am sure of this, but your wise you have to ask yourself who really is the problem when all four children now don’t talk to her, but all of us worship Ronnie. I am just writing you to wish you luck because I’ll now have to block you because she’ll ask you to show her pictures. Also whatever you do don’t use her computer at her house because if has a software that will capture your passwords to everything. I am not lying about this Amanda she’ll put on a front but she’s not a healthy person. Again i wish you the best of luck. Love Always Anthony!

    Anthony Prove It !

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19 Responses to Anthony – Prove It !

  1. Susan Sigmund says:

    Becki, It is 4:30am, I just woke up and read I in a bad dream ? Can this really be happening to you ? Now what ? You can’t take back the spoken word, especially on facebook, the damage is done.The scope of what he claims touches on all aspects of your life, how do you handle this latest attack ? I hope you find the strength to overcome this, as you have the love and support of so many . Continued prayers sent to you, and I pray for him to seek professional help, he must be in emotional pain as well.

    • Thanks Aunt Sue, It has seemed like a bad dream for 11 years of dealing with garbage. Now Anthony has attacked a corporation with complete lies. None of what Anthony said ever happened. Anthony has now accused the company I work for of theft in the amount of $3000.00. Anthony lives in fantasy land but he just took this to another level. Anthony stalks my blog and he will see this. He also made numerous statements about me that were false and never happened. Anthony claims he has proof of these lies , but there is no proof because none of this ever happened. I forwarded the part about the Blazers to my contact there for them to see. And the prior company I worked for about firing and identity theft. Anthony has now lied and slandered 3 different corporations all at the same time.Its now out of my hands. We will be ok , I have become very used to this behavior.

  2. Melanie says:

    For goodness sakes.

  3. i hardly know what to say, but i’m so glad you’re niece and family are with you, and you can find some joy in their presence. xo

    • I am pretty lost for words too. We are so thankful to have my niece ,her husband and boys here. Their arrival was a blessing and we are looking forward to help care for my great nephews and do some traveling and site seeing with them. Having the children here makes life much happier !XXXOOO

  4. Everything he said seemed a little excessive and unnecessary. I’m sorry people are speaking about you like this!

  5. OMG! Well done for sending it on to those companies he is slandering. Let them deal with it!
    It still shocks me on some levels when these types of people ‘do their thing’. Trying to get in first with their version (distorted) of events is so manipulative, sneaky, and dishonest. It’s crazy-making stuff but it really is a hallmark of what type of person they really are. Hugs

  6. Frank says:

    You are the biggest liar I have ever met in my life. You make me sick to my stomach. You can say all you want on your piece of shit little blog because all of the sane people around town all know that whenever your fat lips are moving, they are lying. You are a worthless piece of garbage that should have died when you were attacked you probably fucked that guy over too like you have done to everyone in your life. You think it is a Coincidence that you can’t keep anyone in your life… No they see the real you and want nothing to do with you and all your stupid lies… As little as ‘I have a pool parties’ now you have to put all of the blame on everyone else to make you feel better. I use to feel so sorry for Ronnie and thought he was a great guy and now see that if he stays by you and ruin his life then he is just a horrible. Hurry up and ‘move’ already. Oh wait weren’t you going to do that in January ? Lies out of your mouth once again. Shame on you you are an awful person

  7. Like I have said a million times over. If you don’t like someone go away don’t continue to harass them. He will now have to deal with the consequences . It’s out of my hands.

  8. So far 24 hours later no phone call from Frank

  9. Update to these lies, 14 days and no call from Frank or any supporting documents. One company has filed a complaint.

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