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The Pain Has Returned, In The Form Of A Migraine

Migraines really are the pits, the pain is horrible. I am currently on day two of this monster headache. Yesterday it subsided for about 5 hours late afternoon/evening. This morning it came back with a vengeance, and is packing a … Continue reading

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Yes, He Was My Friend Before He Stabbed Me

The project I’ve been involved with has brought up many questions about the man that stabbed me. Interviewers are very curious about what type of man would escalate to the point, that he grabs a butcher knife and plunges that … Continue reading

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Still Searching

Have you found what you’re looking for? Still searching for God’s purpose in this crazy life I’ve led. Hoping all of you find your purpose. What a journey!

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Keep Your Tissue, I Need To Grieve

My feeling is when a person is crying/grieving let them do so. By handing a crying friend a tissue there is a hidden message asking them to stop crying. People need to cry in order to heal. Allow the flood … Continue reading

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Why Yes, I Would Love A Quickie

Once again my handsome husband and I are headed out of town for “another quickie”, nails are done, hair cut and colored today, new outfit purchased, because as soon as we return from our “quickie” there is this little project … Continue reading

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A Great Place For WordPress Bloggers

A few weeks ago I joined a group called “Share Your WordPress Blogs”, the link is: I’ve met some wonderful people from this group. I wanted to share with all my followers, if you have a facebook page and … Continue reading

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