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Guest Post: Living With PTSD

Please join me in welcoming Zoe, author of both Behind The Mask of Abuse and BuckWheats Risk. Zoe writes candidly about her experiences with abuse, rape, and the after effects she still lives with and fights daily. Zoe has also … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Right of Writing

Today I’m featuring a post from a guest writer. Please welcome Melanie from the blog Deliberate Donkey. Melanie writes about her past and ongoing experiences with domestic violence, the damages it causes a person and a family, and her continual … Continue reading

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She Died Of AIDS

February of 1977 is when I moved in with my biological father, my step-mother, Nancy  and my twin sisters, Kris and Kim. I was elated to leave my mother’s house of horror and live with my Dad. After a few … Continue reading

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I survived a murder attack – my family didn’t. I am stronger – my family is still in tatters. That is, my biological family didn’t survive, my relationship with my birth-children is in tatters. The WordPress family has taken me … Continue reading

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Amost Two Years

Today is party day at the Duckworth’s. One of our closest friends is here from Arizona, it’s been almost two years since he last visited.  Wishing everyone a fun filled weekend.

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$18,000 Of Kindness

Not too many people have $18,000 to give as a gift to a stranger. One very gracious shoe giant’s wife, right here in little ole’ Aloha, Oregon, gave $18,000 to my friend to save her business. This kind act of … Continue reading

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Open Adoption: Not The Painless Option

Adoption is a serious legal proceeding that involves the termination of the legal parental rights of birth parents and the assumption of legal parental responsibilities by the adoptive parents. (1) Open Adoption/Cooperative Adoption is a form of adoption in which … Continue reading

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In Memory of My Friend Sharon

Originally posted on I Survived a Murder Attack — My Family Didn't:
On Friday, September 29, 2000, I lost one of my closest friends, Sharon, to domestic violence. Today, I am remembering her and her beautiful smile. Sharon was…

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Great Story, Poor Grammar

Recently, the grammar police passed by my blog to offer their two cents. I am always open to constructive criticism, and that is not my main concern. It is for the future bloggers who may never tell their story because of the fear they … Continue reading

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Conclusion Of Homeless In San Francisco

I woke up in my recliner with the vacuum attachments on my side. It was early morning and sperm donor had not returned. I made some tea and sat by the phone contemplating calling my Great Aunt, but I could … Continue reading

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